Gift Options

Celebrate the Holiday Season with the Gift of Freshness from Eastside Microfarms
This holiday season, spread joy and health with our unique gifting options at Eastside Microfarms, now with discounts of up to 25%! Choose from a variety of special offerings to suit every taste:
Single Order Delight - Gift a one-time burst of freshness with our $24 Gift Card. It's the perfect introduction to the delightful world of microgreens for your loved ones.
Customized Subscription Gifts - Tailor a gift that keeps on giving! Visit our store, select a minimum of four boxes of our lush microgreens, and then choose the duration of your gift with attractive discounts
  • 2-week Delivery: A brief but memorable foray into fresh flavors.
  • 3-week Delivery: Extend the green goodness a bit longer.
  • 4-week Delivery: A month-long journey of taste and health.
      Simply go to our online store, make your selections, and click on 'Gift Subscription' to choose the number of deliveries and see your savings.
      Our microgreens are more than just a gift; they're an experience of taste, health, and joy. Share this experience with your friends and family this holiday season and save while you spread the cheer!